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    Instruction to Household Registration Office

    Household Registration Office is the organization established for household registration of civilians in the region of Republic of China (Taiwan). Set in various scales of districts, from direct-controlled municipalities, cities, to townships, Household Registration Office serves on administration and management of household registration.

    We adding to the services aforementioned, considers efficiency and convenience of civilians as an indispensible task.

    Household registration can be divided as follows:

    1. Registration of Personal Status.
    2. Registration of Relocation.

    Professionally trained, offer complete services related to registration of regional population.

    1. Acquisition, loss, and restoration of nationality.

    Accommodating to the trend of globalized migration, the service of alterations of nationality is also provided by the office. The required information can be obtained from the English official sites of National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Immigration Agency.